Windows Active Directory Password Reset Manager


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IT Security has always been a key area of improvement for organisations, this solution will implement a stable, secure and simple security infrastructure that enables a user to quickly reset their Windows Active Directory passwords anywhere using their mobile smartphones. Forgetting your password can been critical for businesses, it can become very costly.

This product is everything you need to ensure that your password security for your organisation is flawless. This product integrates nicely with Windows Active Directory. The product is a cloud based voice recognition tool that allows users to reset their network password without having to contact an IT Help desk.


Password Reset Server

  • Performs the Voice Authentication
  • If successful generates NEW password and performs password reset in Active Directory,
  • Sends  new password to app and mailbox.
  • Handles user enrolment


Password Reset Manager

  • Allows IT admin, to manage which users and their devices have access to Password Reset app
  • Send users email with app download  link /registration
  • Edit devices for users


Password Reset App

Voicekey Password Reset provides the end user with a simple, but secure, self-service solution, enabling them to reset forgotten or lost passwords and unlock their Windows Active Directory Accounts.

Using voice identity certificates , this cutting edge piece of technology allows you to reset your password quickly and securely. The app could not be easier to use, simply enrol using your voice , then when you need to reset your password simply repeat the verification phrase shown on the screen. Your new password will be displayed on the screen and into your mail box.




VoicekeyPR “easier than a PIN, as secure as a fingerprint”

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